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Objective Market: Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Foreigners and locals seeking to invest in Curacao, Colombia, Aruba, Bonaire or USA. All the people who are looking to establish a new business or to change business, or who want to diversify their investment and want to do it as direct investment in the economies.

You can register in the links to the right as project or company looking for capital or other tools to create value.

You can register in the link at the right as investor looking for new business to invest in.

Investors or Employers sometimes do not know all the tools, options and how to do business in Latin American economies, it is important to be part or be advised with the knowledge of businessman into the economy and be advised in the next aspects:

Our services are offered and adaptable to the needs and visions or goals of your Organization. Our charges can vary, it considers the services you decide to take, and these are negotiated in a win to win structure, where you as client can see and obtain benefits and we will get the satisfaction of give you a great service.

Is Powering Business, Newspaper: All information about new projects, companies and business to sell or to buy is at our newspaper Is Powering Business, Free of charge we deliver in the economies we work in, Curacao, Colombia, USA mainly, with the information of small or big companies which are looking for capital, partners or just selling part or total participation. Some of them totally certified by Doing Business For. The Newspaper sell the advertisement spots to companies or banks to sell their opportunities or to any individual who wants to advertise in these economies, The Newspaper is delivered in strategic points as banks, facilities companies or investment banks. Buy our Editions or buy the Actual edition
A Board of Directors: It is an unit that advice the manager to understand, to face and to improve each commercial, financial and legal issues where business or company will be working to, in order to get the secure development of the business. This Board of Directors is formed by Doing Business For’s partners, members that are specialize each one in different subjects of the administration as, finances, marketing, logistic, commercial law, management, franchises and branding. A luxury board of director which will give advice, guide and will open the doors to the whole market, additionally you will be part of the Doing Business For Holding, where you will be benefited of the sum of all companies that makes part of this Holding.

Administrative Consulting: Additionally of having the support and advice of the board of director you will have a Business Administrator ready to review and improve the administrative processes, understanding your business and being guided by the board of directors and you as manager or owner of the business, becoming an extension of the main guides, you and the board of the directors.

Accounting and Finance Consulting: We know the reality of the needs that the company carries, so we want to take off some values, supporting in a structure all in 1, we will give you the accounting management and advice so your company will be more efficient with more opportunities and benefits that an open eyes accounting department can give.

Commercial Consulting: We will provide guidance to develop your products or services to the commercial level, through international and local actors, thus providing more coverage to your marketing efforts.

Legal Consulting: the Legal Department of DBF will be available to develop your permits, and generally all the legal matters or your company or business.

Sustainable Consulting: The current need to be improved at all levels; we work with a team ready to develop tools and sustainable projects in accordance with your Business, Company or Project to be forwarded in a sustainable manner throughout the world. As well we will evaluate your current situation to coordinate the congruence of your organization with your sustainable expectations.